by Bearfighter

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released March 23, 2013

Produced/Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Melodic Vision Studios



all rights reserved


Bearfighter Lafayette, Louisiana

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Track Name: Don't Yeaux Leaux Me, Breaux
I stumble on a hint
By the twelfth chime of a bell
There's so much here to find
When American youth is
A show and tell
Scenario when
The truth Is too good
I may escape my fate
But it's a little too late
To change your mood
I know you want me bad

I know you want me
I know you want me bad
This back and forth you do
May be my only clue
But I know you want me
I know you want me bad
These tainted words you sell
Are dragging me, dragging me
Through hell

There's bloodstains
on the table
A broken candlestick
To lay me down to sleep
A letter on the nightstand
Read "I will never let you leave"

But your first mistake
Was to play this game
You can't just walk away

I know you want me
And things could be so much quicker
If you said that you want me

I can feel the romance
It beats in stereo
While lying in wait
With a subliminal suspicion
That you cope with a decision
On whether you should blow me away
Don't spare me
I'm not the man you knew
I'm not ashamed
But if you do it
Do it quick
Because the wait
Just makes me sick
And I'm tired
Of walking away

It's too late, it's too late
The first mistake has been made
Been made
And now you face the jury ohhhh

I know you want me
I can feel the romance
Track Name: Johnny 5
I'll be right with you
Every step of the way
It is what I was made for
Built just to keep...

Glass cuts the palm of my hand
The steel against your cheek
Where ceiling caved in
Leaving crimson on the last
Song you heard
As you spiral out of memories
This is not what you deserve

I'll be right with you
Every step of the way
It is what I was made for
Built just to keep you safe
Through the years we've lost
The conversations
that have grown dark
In your memories
I vow just to keep them with me

Strangers to time
We press on
Will you remember these walls
remember their faces
I promise they won't be lost
A fiction I am in your thoughts
A whole life time with you
chalked on the pavement
I promise it won't be lost
So take my hand
Just as we planned

I just wana have a chance to rewind
Would you be so kind
I know half of the time
You felt less of mine
But I swear that ends tonight

Could you learn to accept
my faults, my fears, my regrets?
For I have to admit,
I'm not quite human without you.
Track Name: Swaggersaurus Rex
This town, I'll paint it red tonight
In a style that's so mosaic
Piece by piece
I'll bring it to its knees
Cause I'm the show of the showbiz
I am the man of the man
Just waiting to be
the hottest of the hottest
Hottest of the hottest thing

Tonight, I spy with selfish eyes
Such an obvious truth
To superstitions of youth
(All I have to say is)
I'm controversial
(And I can't stop it)
Turned conversational
(I won't stop it)
As I've already played this out
(A thousand time before)
Yes, I've already played this out
(A thousand times before)

Hey girl
Come on home with me
Cause I'm a seismic nine earthquake
And your foundation will
Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
It seems that you are losing
everything you fought for
Sinking in every dime
I'm not a rambler
Of a gambler
I'm a sure thing
And I'll take you every time

Oh, you had everything
Now it's gone
Bet you thought your life was gold
But it didn't quite turn out
And now you're looking at me
For open arms
cause you choked
When I came back number one
Track Name: Ray Finkle vs Dan Marino
Blacked out
I'm hearing vices
That call my name
They're so dramatic in tone
But I sit in silence
and think my mind sober
Through all the times
That I proved myself
But you did me wrong
I built my life
Not of straw, not of stick
I was born solid as stone

I'm no stranger here,
Among the casualties
Of vagrant animals
But I've no sympathy
For a deceitful lamb
Lying like a wolf

I'm no stranger
To the dangers
Of a wolf

There is no chance
To find morals in a man,
When you bat your eyes
Twist your hips
And howl as you dance

Oh, what big teeth you have!

My oh my what big teeth you have
the better to devour
all the patience I gave to feed
your starving greed.

My oh my what big teeth you have

My oh my what big teeth you have
Ripping me apart limb from limb
To have your way
...I was easy prey

My oh my what big lies you tell
The marks on my back
Are your secrets kept so well
You knew they would kill...

And all of your bites
So violent, so insecure
Take the taste out of love
The taste out of everything
And all of my time
Was spent loving you
...worthless and betrayed